The Curious Penguins began as an illustrated poem about science that was created in 2007. Over the years, we have evolved into a community of passionate individuals who are committed to making a positive impact on the world.

As Penguins, we find inventive solutions with Linux and other open-source software, free and accessible for everyone's use. We firmly believe in open-source software as a key for transcending boundaries imposed by copyright restrictions, large tech companies, and substantial governmental influence. Utilizing open-source software enables us to foster community-driven projects like our tree planting endeavor or our renewable-energy mail server.

Our team is a diverse assembly of talented software developers and AI experts who are passionate about leveraging technology to craft a better world. We continuously embark on new projects and explore innovative ideas, and we are always open to those who share our vision joining our penguin community.

Whether you are a seasoned developer, an inquisitive learner, or simply someone who shares our ideals, we warmly invite you to be part of our community-driven projects. Together, we can carve out a better future for us and future generations.


Too many things require a subscription, are hidden behind a paywall, or have some kind of imposed restricted access. Why are things so hard? Why can't my tech be fixed? Why is there a no swimming sign? Where are solutions based on sustainability?


With the advent of Web3 we are aiming to provide greater access to open standards, increased data security, scalability, and privacy for users to combat the influence of large technology companies. Built on Linux, utilizing free and open-source software solutions, Curious Penguins care not only about open standards, but also sustainability and that is why we have taken steps to find solutions to reduce our environmental impact. If you too are curious about innovation and making science open to everyone, join our community.



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The metaverse might sound interesting, but accessing the metaverse is only possible if we have a planet to live on.


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Curious Penguins are for NFT holders who care about the future of the planet and are concerned with making decisions based on sustainability and science. Each Penguin in this collection of 410 unique NFTs is designed to represent a different field of scientific study. Not only can holders select unique traits for their Penguins, but they also choose a custom background and select their Penguin’s activity. With the acceleration of new technology and the rise of Web 3.0, we can’t lose sight of sustainability and protecting the environment.

There are currently 410 NFTs available.

Curious Penguins is a collection of 410 unique NFTs stored as ERC-721 on the Ethereum blockchain. The images are saved in the SVG file format so they can be easily scaled to any size without distortion.


Of course! Check out the giveaways channel in our Discord for more information.

No, we just also happen to love penguins and prefer using Linux-based software and tools that are free and open to everyone. Curious Penguins follows an "Open source first" approach that we look to open source before we consider vendor-based products. We understand that using open source technology correctly requires us to do more than just consume, that is why we commit talent and resources to participate in the open source community.

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