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Explore the capabilities of Penguin AI’s innovative fusion of Dall-E Mini and Stable Fusion technologies, harnessing machine learning and AI art generator techniques. This powerful combination allows you to create unique, higher-quality images from text descriptions or prompts, offering an unparalleled text to image generator experience. The generated images, crafted by our advanced AI model, can transform any text prompt into a unique image, perfect for sharing on social media or enhancing your app store presence. Additionally, the system adeptly handles negative prompts, ensuring your creative vision is accurately realized



Stable Dufusion XL 2.1

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We publish AI Art from anyone who sends an email to with an image attached under 5MB.

Public Domain Photos

Browse a collection of Public Domain Images that you can use however you like. 

iMessage Sticker Set

Quickly send Curious Penguins animated GIF images and other graphics via iMessage on your iPhone. 

Curious Penguins NFT

Curious Penguins NFTs

Enter the AI-powered Text Generator, a groundbreaking tool that is revolutionizing the way we generate written content. Harnessing the power of advanced natural language processing models, this cutting-edge AI technology is capable of producing high-quality, coherent, and contextually relevant text with remarkable efficiency.

Unlock Limitless Creativity

Unlock a realm of limitless possibilities with Penguin AI, empoweriing you to shatter creative barriers, generating content that captivates your audience and breathes life into your ideas. Step into a world where your creativity knows no bounds, guided by the transformative capabilities of our AI-powered generator.

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